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Full Swing Door Safety with only 1 PCB unit
SSS-5 (EN16005)

The first automatic swing door safety sensor to offer full door safety with just one PCB unit.

*EN16005 is the regulations of power operated pedestrian door sets in all CEN member countries.


Active Infrared Sensor

Active Infrared sensors take a snap shot of the reflection levels from the ground. Any change in the properties of the reflected wave will indicate that a person or object is in the detection area.

Useful functions

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  • Infrared
  • High Density Area
  • Presence Detetion
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Waterproof
  • Safety
  • Large-scale Commercial Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Environmental
  • Factories


Six spot infrared safety curtain with 1 PCB unit

Safety beams can be focused very close to the ground for maximum safety

SSS-5 Detection Area

Externally and Internally monitored safety system

SSS-5_safety system
SSS-5_safety system

Maximise Pedestrian Safety

  • Only 1 PCB unit is required to provide 800 - 1,000mm of safety coverage along the swing door width

Save on Costs

  • No need to use 2 PCB units in one sensor housing to ensure compliance with EN16005

Reduce Installation Times

  • Removable wiring terminal block and push button detection distance settings significantly reduces on-site installation time

Strong & Robust

  • Solid, tough sensor body design not susceptible to vandalism or damage during installation

Performance Reliability

  • The SSS-5 performs reliably on all floor surfaces and reflective environments

*EN16005 is the regulations of power operated pedestrian door sets in all CEN member countries.

Detection Area

Detection Area

External Dimensions [mm]

External Dimensions


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Model SSS-5 Monitored Swing Door Safety Sensor
Detection Method Infrared Presence Detection with P.S.D. distance measurement
Installation Height 2.6m (8.53ft) Max
Pattern Adjustment Beam Angle Adjustment : 5° / 10° / 15° / 20° / 25°
Detection Distance Adjustment : Dead Zone, 50-500mm
Detection Range 0 ~ 2.55m (0 ~ 8.37ft)
Frequency 2 Frequencies (Dip Switch)
Presence Timer
LED Indication Standby : Green
Detecting : Red
Internal Sensor Error : Flashing Green/Red
Power Supply AC/DC 12 ~ 24V ±10%
Power Consumption AC12V : 1.7VA, AC24V : 2.3VA (per each PCB unit)
DC12V : 95mA, DC24V : 55mA
Output DC 50V 0.1A  Non Voltage 1C
Test Input 6mA Max. at 24VDC
Output Holding Time Approx. 0.5s
Response Time Below 0.1s
DIP Swtich Functions Test Input: 1 BI T
Optical Interference: 1 B IT
Relay Output Mode: 1 B IT
Masking Detection Spots: 2 B IT
Detection Range: 3 BIT
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C, (-4°F ~ +140°F)
IP Rating IP54
Sensor Dimensions SSS-5S1: 360mm (W), 49mm (H), 47.5mm (D)
SSS-5M1: 692mm (W), 50.5mm (H), 48mm (D)
SSS-5L1: 1,023mm (W), 50.5mm (H), 48mm (D)
Weight SSS-5S1 : Approx. 350g (0.77 lbs)
SSS-5M1 : Approx. 540g (1.19 lbs)
SSS-5L1 : Approx. 760g (1.68 lbs)
Color BL : Black
Accessories Provided Mounting Screws, Installation Instructions, Wire Sheath, Jamb Hole Covers
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