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Activation + Safety Infrared Sensor
HR100-CT (EN16005)

A uni-directional long range detection sensor with monitored safety.

*EN16005 is the regulations of power operated pedestrian door sets in all CEN member countries.


Active Infrared Sensor

Active Infrared sensors take a snap shot of the reflection levels from the ground. Any change in the properties of the reflected wave will indicate that a person or object is in the detection area.

Useful functions

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  • Infrared
  • Doorway Monitoring
  • Presence Detetion
  • Full Color LED
  • Flat(Internally Mounted)
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Snow Mode
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Waterproof
  • Direction Detection
  • Activation + Safety
  • Large-scale Commercial Facilities
  • Small Stores
  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Public
  • Food Service
  • Museums
  • Office Buildings
  • Entertainment
  • Residence


Energy Efficient

  • Intelligent unidirectional detection ability reduces door hold open time by 20% and building energy loss by 6% in a standard installation

Unparalleled Pedestrian Safety

  • Unique ability to memorize door motion allows the infrared safety curtain to be focused inside the moving door leaf resulting in unparalleled pedestrian safety
HR100-CT_Unparalleled Pedestrian Safety


  • Flexibility to adjust the door activation and pedestrian safety detection zones independently makes the HR100-CT the ideal sensor for every sliding door installation
HR100-CT_Detection Area
HR100-CT_Detection Area

Ease of Installation

  • All the information necessary to install the HR100-CT sensor is printed on the sensor body

*EN16005 is the regulations of power operated pedestrian door sets in all CEN member countries.

Detection Area

Detection Area

External Dimensions [mm(inches")]

External Dimensions


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Model HR100-CT Dual Relay Output Pedestrian Door Activation + Monitored Safety
Detection Method Active Infrared Detection
Installation Height 3.0m (9.84ft) Max
Sensitivity Adjustment Available (Potentiometer)
Depth Adjustment Inner 3 rows -8° ~ 0°
Outer 2 rows 0° ~ +10°
2 ~ 5 rows of detection (Dip Switch)
Width Adjustment Inner 3 rows Wide / Narrow
Outer 2 rows Wide / Narrow
Frequency 4 Frequencies (Dip Switch)
Presence Timer 2s / 30s / 60s / ∞ (Inner 3 rows)
1s (Outer 2 rows)
Monitor Mode Normal / Snow (Dip Switch)
Doorway Learn ON / OFF (Dip Switch)
Direction Detection ON / OFF (Dip Switch)
LED Indication Standby : Green
When responding to the TEST signal : Flashing Green (once)
Row 4, 5 Detecting : Blue
Row3 Detecting : Red
Row2 Detecting : Slow Flashing Red
Row1 Detecting : Fast Flashing Red
Detection row “ROW1”(“ROW2” when doorway learning is turned ON) is detecting door movement : Orange
Indicates a change of dip switch settings : Fast Flashing Orange
Door Hold is turned Open (When dip switch Z 4 is Open) : Slow Flashing Orange
Internal Sensor Error : Fast Flashing Green/Red
Reflected infrared signal from the floor is very low : Slow Flashing Green/Red
Power Supply AC/DC 12 ~ 24V ±10%
Power Consumption AC12V : 1.5VA Max, AC24V : 2.0VA Max
DC12V : 80mA Max, DC24V : 50mA Max
Output Row 1, 2 : Open Collector 7.5mA Max (Resistance Load)
Row 2, 3, 4, 5 : Form A Relay DC50V 0.1A (Resistance Load)
Test Input 6mA Max. @ 24VDC
Output Holding Time Approx. 0.5s
Response Time Approx. 0.1s ~ 0.2s
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C, (-4°F ~ +140°F)
Operating Humidity Below 80%
IP Rating IP54
Sensor Dimensions 230mm (W), 70mm (H), 44mm (D)
Weight Approx. 250g (0.55 lbs)
Color S : Silver, BL : Black
Accessories Provided Cable, Mounting Screws 2pcs, Mounting Template, Installation Instructions


HA-120 Internal mounting bracket HR100-CT

HA-120 Internal mounting bracket HR100-CT

It is necessary HA-120 bracket for internal mounting at transom. HA-120 Internal mounting bracket at transom provide with stailish design.

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